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What is the real meaning of life?
Gathering as much money as we can before dying?
Spending most of our youth working before finally resting when the body is then too old to enjoy?
Always planning for the future thinking that when we’ll have everything under control then we will be fine?
Missing out on the present because we are too busy rushing towards the end of the game?
Let’s stop.
Let’s breathe.
Let’s look around us.
This is our life.
Right here.
Right now.
It is happening.
Let’s live it.


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How to Help A Friend Who’s Hurting

griefThis morning I read a social media post by a friend who recently lost her daughter. In the post she reminded people that vague offers of help, though well intentioned, can have the effect of putting yet another burden on a person whose heart and mind are already overly taxed with grief an making decisions that they hoped they would never have to make. When we ask “How can I help?” or say “Let me know how I can help.” we are literally putting another demand on that person; now they have to stop, figure out an answer for us, then get back to us with that answer.

A better way would be to approach the grieving friend with options that he or she can answer with a simple yes or no. “Would you like me to bring you a casserole tonight?” “Can I walk your dog for the rest of the week?” Thank to my friends post, I now realize that the direct approach is mostly likely the best approach to helping a friend make it through the days or weeks following an unexpected loss.

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What is a Vow Renewal?

beachA vow renewal is wonderful and romantic way to mark a milestone anniversary such as the 10th, 25th or 50th.  It can also be a time for spouses to recommit to one another after a period of separation or marital disharmony.

Your vow renewal can be similar to your wedding ceremony or something completely new and different. Contact Rev. Connie Jones-Steward for help with planning your vow renewal ceremony.

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House Blessings & Space Clearings

Despite what you may have seen in movies such as Poltergeist, most house blessings and space clearings do not involve the exorcism of  discontented or malevolent spiritshouse_blessing.

Instead, many people enjoy the benefits of house blessings and space clearings to clear the area of negative energies left behind by periods of familial trouble , sickness, loss or extreme financial hardships.

House blessings are frequently performed when moving into a new home in order to clear out any troubling energies left behind by the previous family.  Office or business blessings can be performed on the opening day to encourage happy patrons and good business. They can also be performed during periods of slow business to encourage increased customer traffic.

Call me if you would like me to perform a spiritual blessing on your home or business.

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Today is a Take Charge Kind of Day

Today’s card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot is the Emperor. Combine this with the energy of Wednesday and a waxing moon in Capricorn and our Spirit message is to take a strong and proactive approach in business communications and negotiations.

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Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony for $20.13

In honor gayweddingcakeof the return of marriage equality to California in 2013, I will be officiating same- sex elopements (just the two of you) for $20.13. The ceremony must take place in Los Angeles– within 20 miles— of my home, otherwise my standard mileage fee will be added to the ceremony fee. This offer is good for elopement ceremonies held on or before July 31, 2013.

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The Cosmos Can Assist You In Your Next Choice

supermoon-2013According to Rev. Michael Beckwith, “the kosmos [sic] is waiting with bated breath for your next thought or choice.” So what will your next thought or choice be? This past week presented two natural phenomena that can help you to focus your thoughts and choices.

First we had the Summer Solstice which occurred on June 20 on the west coast. The Summer and Winter Solstices and be considered as the yin and yang of the seasons. The summer half represents activity, expansiveness and generousness while the winter half represents rest, introspection, contraction and conservation of resources. This is the time to make choices that will be enhanced by the power of the Solstice.

Second we had the Supermoon this morning, June 23rd. There is a cross-cultural belief that during the week of the full moon (three days prior, the day of and three days after) we have greater access to spiritual and Divine powers. This access can help us in the areas such as expression and manifestation of intentions. They can also assist us in tapping into our subconscious or the collective unconscious to connect with our own innate Divinity or to find the answers that we week. It only follows that this connection and access would be enhanced during the time of a Supermoon.

In conclusion, life is a product of the thoughts we put into action and the choices we make. We can either choose to be active, productive, giving and health promoting in our choices or we can choose to be inactive, unproductive takers who take no responsibility for our own health and happiness. We can harness the power of natural phenomena to aid us in our choice to be whatever type of person we choose to be.

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